Creatures of an unkown origin, crystal golems are tall, faceless humanoids of chiseled crystal, they are intelligent and surprisingly charming enchanted beings, they are effective spellcasters because of the mysterious draconic demigod that formed them long ago.

The crystal golems are clearly the longest living individuals in the world, in part due to their non-organic nature and their magical heritage. They in fact grow stronger as time goes on for them. Ironically, fire magic is very strong against crystal golems.

The crystal golems do not bother themselves with cities or military. Their "Capitol" if it can be considered so is a large tower full of vast libraries known to them as the "crystal archives" after the name they have had since the crystal golems origin, it was where they were created... And where they remain. Aspiring mage masters of other races come, but only a few get the opportunity to learn with the crystal golems. And any book, scroll, or letter written in the world well end up in the archives sooner or later.

They are usually very wise, and consider knowledge as currency more than gold. A trading deal with a crystal golem will likely be more a trading of secrets than payment in gold. They believe that magic flows only because of them and their long gone masters from beyond, including a scaleless lizard god.

There is no hierarchy among the crystal golems, while they can be haughty towards "simple minded" warriors, they show high and scholarly respect towards their brothers and spell-casters of all types. The crystal archives is the only known place where necromancy and daemon summoning is allowed. Besides shied away cults beneath the ground.

There is a small sect of some of the most powerful crystal golems, known as the "moonlight sect", they have knowledge of spells even the most powerful sorcerers dont know of... Magic that allows the golems to shape themselves and manipulate their own crystal matter in powerful spells. Crystal golems across the world respect them and are sure that their powers make them closer to the scaleless god than they will ever be.