There are primitive sahuagin tribes far separated from the more advanced sahuagin societies. These ones are very xenophobic and traditional, and have evolved into stronger, more shark-like humanoids compared to the angler-like civilized variant.

They usually have cartilage skin ranging from different tones of grey, darker on the back- lighter on the front. Some have stripes or spots either made from waterproof paint pigment or natural shades and tones. They usually stand at 6 feet to 8 feet, and were not unlike an orc in their brutish, muscular physique. with webbed hands, webbed and clawed feet, and swishing tails.

Feral sahuagin are masters of both types of combat: Feral tearing with their claws and mouth, or massacres by way of crudely made killing tools such as spears.

Feral sahuagin also have very unsocial stances with outsiders, either fending them off, asking them to leave, or dishing out punishments of varied levels on interlopers. But because of this the other races have tended to become more hostile than they usually are- Such as imperial traders who believe that feral sahuagins are no different than orcs or goblins after numerous raids on their ships. The only race that shows them a modicum of respect are the scholarly members of the more advanced sahuagin species.