Some of the most basic monsters in the world, the goblins are insane, crude creatures resembling dark tan pygmies between the semblance of a human and a yeti. They can be found anywhere the eyes of civilization keep away from, such as sewers, caves, and ruins along with ramshackle villages in the deep forests. They usually range around 4 feet tall, yellow slit eyes like a cat, canine teeth, and a wretched appearance and stubby horns, they usually crawl along the ground as well.

The goblins used to be kin of the yeti, with some believing they were simply young, hairless yeti children, but in truth the goblins were the first foes the yeti's found in Kraezia, and subjugated many of them.

Rats and boars are frequent in goblin camps, the goblins prefer boars as mounts and rats are usually all they can easily obtain as food.

Recently the Fanboonpul tribe, one if not the largest goblin tribe in Kraezia, gained notoriety when it was hired as the mad prince Alexander's first minions, with his armaments the Fanboonpul grew from a ranshackle pack to a well armed raiding force. But still subservient to the mad prince and even many of his other lessers.

there are about five good examples of goblin foes encountered in Vlulera:

GOBLIN pyromancer

the spellcaster of the goblins, the pyromancer has learned very few fire spells, elementary ones too, as well as ones that allow it to hinder a player's progress while others surround them. They wield small shaved quarterstaves and wears next to nothing besides some minor leather armor.

GOBLIN SCOUT: The more agile fighters of a goblin tribe, the goblin scout is a fast but weak enemy, they wear chain-mail helmets that clearly didn't belong or fit them fitted with feathers and other tiny animal bones. They wield stone axes that are sharpened to cause blood loss.

GOBLIN BONESNAPPER: The bonesnapper is the brute of a goblin tribe. They charge blindly and rapidly attack with their brutal hammers.

GOBLIN SEER: More advanced cousins of the goblin pyromancer, these are goblins that have been forced to communicate with forces from the cosmos beyond. Making them well armored battlemages unexpected of such a crude species. They wear heavy leather robes, a masked hood, and gauntlets.


A more human looking species of goblin, these goblin types exist in the jungle areas and have tan skin, are slathered with body-paint, and that along with a bit of iron armor around their shoulder with straps going down to their loins. These goblins are much more aggressive and have the frequency to eat humanoid flesh raw and right from the living target.