The most common race, the humans dont exactly have any special characteristics, they are well rounded individuals who train by themselves, for themselves, and will let no one stand in the way of their improvement. They are also natural explorers and perfectionists, never being satisfied easily.

The largest gathering of humans is that of the kraezian empire, a bustling imperium with a vast army, they have become a enforcing army within the land, quelling uprisings and wars, even if they are not involvekid, and gathering to slay lordly threats.

The greatest weakness of the Kraezian empire is itself, though. There are many nobles who are corrupt or abuse their powers, and many others who would kill for a higher stature. And the empire suffers from poor leadership more than once, with the worst example being a unnamed, dishonored emperor who let the capitol seat get taken over by dryad raiders for about a year.

The Kraezian empire has made very well and sure that the most well known god is Nathiojugo, the judge in steam, a god who demands patronage through the advancement of technology. His servants utilize cauterizing steam and the faithful knights dedicated to him wear intimidating power armor making them seem like giants. There are theories from the sahuagins and crystal golem scholars that there is no Nathiojugo, as he may have been invented as a reason for gullible peasants to accept advancement and not remain in the past. But these claims are easily dismissed.