Resembling tiny red reptilian dog creatures, the kobolds are sly savages usually found behind or besides orcs and goblins. They arent afraid to backstab or resort to ranged, but some will stand and fight... If they have brothers, that is...

The kobolds usually live in small tribal communities deep into forests and many other environments. The kobolds are highly adaptable creatures, such as those that live in more cold environments. This also depends their resistances. For example, jungle dwelling kobolds will be more green and resistant to disease and poison, while cold environments breed bluish white kobolds resistant to magic.

Kobolds also have a very submissive personality, they prefer leaders of not only other races much larger than them, but also actually enjoy tyranny, relishing it like a desire.

Kobolds enjoy overwhelming foes with numbers and using traps and cowardly tactics to fell foes, if a much larger foe is defeated, for example, a human or yeti, the kobolds enjoy torturing and mercilessly killing these defeated foes, sometimes even falling to such creatures is enough metal torture.

Kobolds usually set up their villages in the homes of their tyrants, marking territory with crude, sometimes silly looking wall paintings depicting their ruler and how they encountered him. This always involves glorification, making the figure, even if its a lowly but lucky bandit, seem like a god in comparison to the reality of the situation.

Kobolds rarely wear proper clothing, instead going for whatever hides they can collect. They have a huge fondness for gemstones and elemental ores, and adorn themselves with it like jewelry.

Some kobolds create armor made of their beloved stones, they try to recreate horns and cover it in black dyed fur. This is supposedly in tribute to powerful, stone scaled dragons from ages past.

A rare anomaly among kobolds is the winged kobold, this one is usually naturally born with the stone scales, wings, and black fur of the ancestors the kobolds believe in. These ones rise up among their tribe easily and a few tribes have them as the right hand man of a tyrant or even the chieftain himself.

The kobolds are also omnivorous creatures, eating whatever garbage, meat, and food they can scrounge up. Many foes who fall to them are usually eaten after death, unless the kobolds (through some miracle) already had a decent meal beforehand.