Necromancy is a magical practice common among the cult of the first dead, but it is also outlawed in many lands besides the more lawless ones, as well as the crystal wastes, for its immoral practices and involvement with undead forces.


requires chalice

novice: anyone can cast

apprentice: Minor training to preform

journeyman: used only by those who have taken extensive training, such as necromancers

master: very few masters know of these spells.

eye of terror


weaker targets run away, stronger targets are weakened.



the caster holds their hands out, absorbing life from a nearby target as they suck the blood.

bring forth


the caster summons a weak zombie, this zombie lasts until the caster's death or its own.

last legs


when cast, the caster will not die as long as the spell is in effect, but they will be frail and move slowly during the duration as a price.



the casters hands errupt in dark fire, and the caster blasts forth belching shadow flame that does massive necrotic damage.

greater bring forth


the summoner creates an even more powerful ghoul, same as bring forth.

Utter destruction


The caster's hand is wreathed in flame like in death, but fires a massive shadowy fireball, incinerating all in massive fire and necrotic 


godlike bring forth


The caster summons a banshee, a very powerful undead spirit that has all necromancies up to journeyman and scream. It lasts until the casters death or its own.



The caster screeches as they briefly take part in the bashee transformation r