Orcs are much stronger warriors, bretheren to goblins. They are much more civilized and actually have an unexpected code of honor compared to their savage kin. They also wear much heavier armor, giving them an intimidating appearance over their weaker kin. Much like the goblins they are between humans and yetis in appearance, but are about as large as humans and extremely muscular.

The orcs first appeared after a powerful demon lord cursed two goblin tribes faithful to him transformed into stronger forms, the orcs have been known to do all sorts of thing to their weaker cousins, such as enslavement, killing, or command and leadership over them. Much like the goblins, the most of them were slain when the Yetis arrived and their initial reign of conquering.

There was an orc kingdom once, known as Kizor Firnuth. But its overly aggressive politics have led it to be destroyed in all three times it has risen and re-risen.

The kingdom's fall led to orc tribes forming across the land out of the kingdom's refugees, they are very vengeful warriors due to the past discrepancies.

The orcs also seem to hate humans, crystal golems, and cassans. It seems to be because of self-disgust towards their own appearances, and their thought that the three races they despise have more alluring appearances.

They usually hold this rage down, as they form a honorable code known as the "code of flames", a knightly code the warriors are taught early into their lives and hammered in for years. The code originated from a diety they revere known as the "scorched army", a supposedly long dead army of knights who aided their king by braving intense flames. Exceptionally strong warriors "ascend" near the end of their lives, sacrificing themselves by burning themselves alive. If the warrior does not flinch until their armor is scorched, their spirit melds with the spirit of one of the "scorched army". Turning them into a master of combat and discipline.

Female orcs contribute to this belief by practicing a type of magery known as pyromancy, giving them ability to control and create fire, its known very little besides outside their camps. And some orc females are powerful barbarians, the chieftain can opt to marry a second wife, this has to be a woman of exceptional strength, who becomes his bodyguard.

If the chieftain dies before his bodyguard-wife, the wife is exiled. Its not rare to hear these exiles become champions in more civilized societies, even retaining their bodyguard career serving nobles or lords.