Pyromancy is the most primeval of all magic types, it focusses on fire, and requires only the casters hand to preform. It is primitive, and less demanding of the mind than other spell types, but it can be very dangerous to wield. Pyromancy is considered not only profane for its dangerous tendencies, but also known to be more offense-focused.


novice: Anyone can do this

apprentice: Minor training to preform

journeyman: used only by those who have taken extensive training, such as battle pyromancers.

master: very few masters know of these spells.

remnant of chaos: There is only one person capable of using these two spells at a time, and they require the ancient remnant of chaos to do so. In order to cast these spells, 

one must be a master and have the remnant in close proximity (even when transformed into a weapon or other item.)

burning touch


a close range fire burst attack, does minor flame damage

old flame


As long as this spell is held, the user holds a bright bit of flame the brightness of a torch, this lights up dark areas, it can be hurled as a weak fireball when released.



hurls a large fireball at a target, doing moderate flame damage. Sets targets aflame.

heat curtain


a shimmering wall of flame appears before the caster, not only sending damaging heat waves forth away from the caster, but doing heavy fire damage to anyone who tries to pass through and sets them aflame. 



The caster sets themselves aflame, slowly doing fire damage but creating a shield of flame that not only provides temporary fire immunity, but does fire damage to anyone who attacks in melee.

benediction of arson


the caster pulls out 8 tree seeds and scatters them, they incinerate temporarily and explode, doing heavy fire damage to anyone in the area and setting them aflame.

form of chaos


for at least 30 minuites, the caster looses their physical form, becoming unable to use any armor or weapons as they transform into a fire elemental, they are able to cast their hands forward and create a flamethrower blast for the duration of this spell, and can still cast. 

sky to ash

(remnant of chaos)

creates a massive cloud of noxious smoke through which white-hot embers fall through, the cloud obscures foes and does massive fire damage to them as long as they are inside. The victim is poisoned afterwards from the fumes. 

call forth the magma

(remnant of chaos)

A gate to the boiling chaos appears behind the caster, summoning first a wave of charred demons (at least 8), then a wave of charred knights (at least 3), and then a witch of chaos.