The palehearts are a sect of six warriors from across Vlulera, they are cruel and evil champions of a creature that exists within the sun known as Pazathothis.

Pazathothis is a godlike entity, as stated he is believed to exist within the sun. It is unknown what Pazathothis rules over and what he looks like, but accounts and interpretations of him range from a glorious emperor in golden armor to a lanky, white, famished looking human who bleeds from his orafaces. He is also believed to be large, large enough for the sun to hold him in fact and just barely enough space to move. He is the leader of the Palehearts, and each paleheart that dies is soon replaced.

Pazathothis does not look for willing participants to grant his strength to, he corrupts them and transforms them into a paleheart rather unwillingly, many palehearts in the past have been kind souls and noble nights before turning into mad tyrants and muderers.

The current and best example of this is Alexander, son of the Kraezian empress, he was known to be a well-loved and liked individual within the empire, but his turn to a paleheart was revealed when he suddenly murdered her own mother with the help of the other five palehearts. He gathered a rebellion of corrupted soldiers and made his fortress in lone tower at the edge of the empire. Those against him believe he is using the tower to construct an army.

Alexander is only the first of the six plaehearts, the second is known only as the "executioner".a voiceless warrior hailing from a primitive clan of sahuagins, he resembles a massive humanoid shark wearing a butcher's skirt, steel toed boots, and a hooded mask, he is called the executioner for a reason; his great axe cleaves through most everything.

The third paleheart is the gargoyle, a winged cassan who travels alongside the executioner like a brother. Anything the executioner cannot reach the gargoyle handles with his spear and agility.

The fourth paleheart is the wretched crusader, a lecherous ex-knight who wields two axes, he became a paleheart after letting his own army die in a battle with the orcs.

the fifth paleheart is a shared one, formed after Alexander's betrayal, was the rebelling knights led by Alexander. They are legion, and they are endless.

The final paleheart is the sniper Lorgh, a wandering soul known to be one if not the greatest crossbowman in Vlulera, for his bolts can shatter fortress walls.