Pazathothis is "one of many", as the madmen say.

The story of pazathothis can be a long one, depending on how deep you dig. The story begins with the gods, whom pazathothis is presumed to be a member of. Something horrid happened that either made him an exile or he became a hermit, either way his prison is believed to be the sun itself. So his sacrifice, whether willingly or not, was required to create it.

Regardless of his standing on his sacrifice, its also apparent he is evil, as the palehearts are connected to him as his wordly servants.

Its also believed that the dream and the nightmare, the world that mortals enter when they sleep, is perhaps the small realm that Pazathothis has created within the sun in part due to the apparent madness that follows nightmares in the waking world.

As for approaching Pazathothis, it is deemed impossible, when the nightmare appears in one's mind Pazathothis has full control, and of course, how can one even dare reach the sun?

But scholars have discovered "junk" that has been presumed to be bits of leftover nightmares within the abyssal rifts. Which could mean the abyssal rifts are "junkyards" for forgotten nightmares... And thus a way to find Pazathothis in the flesh.

Its also easily assumed that Pazathothis has the strongest of all remnants.