Creatures from the sunken depths, the sahuagin resemble gilled humanoid angler fishes, are well-rounded much like humans, but are known to be shrewd skeptics of the gods their companions supposedly believe in. Instead understanding only in staunch realism and the inventive sciences of the elements.

Most others are very distrustful of Sahuagins due to their appearance and common harsh personality. As others usually see them as ruthless and prideful of their magical abilities. And in turn this causes them to have a hard time trusting others, so the Sahuagins are extremely reclusive in their underwater cities.

Rather than a god, the Sahuagins revered their leader, a massive sea beast known as dagon; who was supposedly a master of magic rivaling the ancient master of the crystal golems. But dagon had fallen along with the dragon ages ago, in 2085, when a crystal golem who thought he directly served the scaleless master thought that he must slay his lord's rival, unfortunately he was successful in doing so. Some believe this meant that he was one of the reclusive crystal golem archmagi. As there was no other way that the unknown champion could best Dagon.

The sahuagin have a very creative way of construction. They build specifically off off the bones of slain sea monsters. Dragon turtle bones are enough to hold a small tribe while dagon's bones himself is where the current seat of power, the heir of dagon, resides.

a saying among sahuagin goes that "the larger the bones, the more the houses watch". This saying refers to the great houses the sahuagin have formed. The great houses claim to have power, but it is in fact a game. The great houses were formed out of parody of the Kraezian empires noble houses and their traditions of scandal and backstabbing. Weeks prior to a battle between houses it will be announced to the whole town or village, as if to watch a sport match. But blood surely is involved, and certain high ranking members could gain their own "fanbase" to manipulate. And even if the high ranking member were to die, its often that this results in a total riot and outrage. The three great houses are "house Aldric", "house Aylzead", and "house Igrid". There are many tribes dotting the oceans, and while they arent that hostile, they certainly make the harsh lifestyle of their modern bretheren seem as warm as even the kindest tavernkeeper.

Daemons are also very common in both types of Sahuagin life; House Aylzead is known for guarding its fortress with daemons instead of normal guards, while many tribes are in fact led by a tyrannical daemon chieftain.