Widely feared and reviled across the land, the shamaness clans seen across vulera hold just as much extensive knowledge, if not vastly more, than the sorcerers of the Kraezian empire and the crystal archives. But the mistrust thrown their way makes them equally mistrusting of those seeking their aid. They have been able to communicate with the old masters of the remnants time and time again, and sometimes, if a powerful individual gains the favor of the clan, they will aid them in creating their own remnant.

Shamaness clans usually try to set up other homes besides their ancestral one, these are usually dungeons with subjugated humanoid residents or a coven of shamaness spies living among the empire or its neighboring kingdoms. The ancestral home of a clan is deep in the wilderness, with no signs of proximity so that they may be hid, such as the ancestral home not even having a proper shelter, only small easily concealed fire pits and bedrolls, but some examples of ancestral homes are singular stone huts, graveyards, and ruined towers can be found.

A shamaness clan can also be a very dangerous foe to anger- The clans have all sorts of minions, ranging from assassins guilds and sorcerers hoping to repay favors, enchanted creatures willing to do anything for their masters, the shaman themselves are vastly powerful with their spells, and the younger female guardians of the shamaness train themselves in active combat and magic, making them deadly in both aspects. Demons and even the butcher of the charnel seem to be under their thrall when summoned.

The leaders of a shamaness clan, the five oldest- are capable of performing a ritual to summon aspects of the first holders of the great remnants, some holidays are specific to a holder, and thus on those holidays only they will be summoned, if a summoning fails, creatures drawn to seek remnants will come, thus the shamanesses leave little room for failure.

If someone gives them a great gift, usually a powerful magic item or a massive payment of gold, the shamaness clan will be willing to take them in for as long as they pull their own weight, usually by doing more than menial tasks, at least. Those that gain enough trust can become a shamaness themselves.

There are also very few men if any among the shamaness clans, this is because most of the shaman keep themselves immortal through magic, and thus dont breed except for very special occasions.