Humanoids from the unknown abyssal depths below, they resemble people formed of pure darkness, with light outlines betraying their presence and horrific white eyes.  They are intelligent as magic seems to make up their very being, making them excellent in spellcasting of all types, especially the necrotic dark energies that seem to make them up. They prefer to hide themselves in bundles of clothing, as they are still very much feared.

They are also the youngest race in Vlulera, with the first reports of them being in 3243, when a fissure broke open beneath an imperial city and utterly destroyed it. The souls were what came out of the fissure, claiming "freedom from their father".

Still being very much feared, the Kraezian empire attacked them, sending them back into the rift where its watched over even now, there are minor rifts since then, few and far between. The ones that are reported are still guarded over tightly.

The few souls that do wander the land in hiding know of their own freedom, of a unnamed champion from another world who slayed the "tyrant father of the abyss" before the dawn of Vlulera, allowing their kind lesser freedoms... They never know exactly where to go, always having the thought to wander aimlessly, like they once did.