Usually venomous and large, the spiders of vlulera are disgusting creatures that make their homes in the darkest corners of our world. 8 legged, chitinous creatures that also make their homes in the nightmares of people across the world. The five currently well known species of spiders are:

The skitterblood spider: A gaunt, bony species of spider that looks like it was made out of the skeletons of the dead, in truth it is not undead, and its venom is so deadly that it is prized by assassins... And those who dare try to obtain it.

Magmaweaver: A very deadly, volcanic dwelling spider variant. Their venom is pure magma, making their bites untamable but even more painful.

Terrorweave: Unlike the skitterblood, the Terrorweave is similar, but is a true undead spider, made up of the bones of the dead and a frequent guardian of the cult of the first dead. Its poison is necrotic, meaning that its bite can cause an effect not far from advanced, fast leprosy.

darkbite spider: The darkbite spider is native to the underground caves, not much else. They are gigantic tarantulas that have a supposed tie to the abyss, this can be seen in their bites. Which, rather than poison, rip apart quickly with a manner of dark, evil energy.

Corpsepump: The deadliest type of spider found, they exist among darkbite spiders as a type of "brood mother", unlike the darkbite spider they do have venom, this venom courses with the dark of the forgotten father of the abyss. Only the strongest survive a single second of this bite. They are faster, faster than their prey can believe, and their abdomen is a pulsating bag of black mass, if it were to burst, it would release deadly shadow upon all nearby...