Considered "holy" well and far across Vlulera, steam magic is an aspect that not only relies on the caster willing to help others, but also relies on the ability to craft the machinery that steam magic utilizes. The clergy of the Kraezian empire is the most powerful and useful source of Steam magic in this world.


novice: anyone can cast

apprentice: Minor training to preform

journeyman: used only by those who have taken extensive training, such as clerics

master: very few masters know of these spells.

remnant of the war machine (only the war machines, and those wielding a weapon crafted from and the remnant itself.

requires machine part



the caster heals those around them, sealing up wounds with hot steam.

strength of a god


the caster blesses himself and any allies nearby, granting them bravery, strength, and vitality.

judge of elements


the caster silences a random element on another caster, causing its elemental damage to be negated.

scout drone


the caster summons a small mechanical owl, which they can fly around, scouting the area.

summoner's mistake


the caster pins a connection between a summoner and its summon, any damage dealt to the summon is dealt to the summoner.

mechanical wall


the caster creates a wall of whirring metal that serves as a wall of tower shields, it lasts for 15 mins or if its massive poise is broken.

wrest of power


the caster places a curse on the target, when slain, the caster steals the target's energy and transforms it into a spell slot replenishment

call the fissure

(remnant of the war machine)

The caster slams his foot down, causing fissures of steam, that do heavy steam damage around the caster.

storm of rage

(remanant of the war machine)

the caster, rather than slamming their foot down, creates a cloud of damaging steam.