A lonely, wise creature, the dragon known as Evolgur, is a solitary creature from a long line of dragons. Its a massive, scaled creature resembling a wyvern that is capable of breathing fire. It seems to even have control over wyverns, using them as its eyes and ears, and maybe even its own army. Evolgur a very intelligent, immortal beast that has a high meaning when it appears before mortals. Evolgur is also an extremely dangerous foe, as one would expect. Its flame sears hotter than even magical pyromancy, easily melting steel armor, and its not like her teeth can rip apart that armor easily enough anyways...

The greatest disadvantage the dragon has, though, is its preference for honorable combat. If Evolgur sees a powerful being, one decorated in clearly great armor and wielding enchanted weapons, then it will come forth to challenge that foe. If this foe isnt alone, it will pay attention only to the strongest and leave as soon as they are dead.

Evolgur is known for having one of the strongest remnants seen too, a powerful soul that has survived for centuries. But it is hot to the touch, which likely explains her flaming breath.

The dragon itself has luxuriously bright bronze scales as thick as a knight's plate, four legs with sharp talons, her size is at least 25 feet tall, towering over any humanoid, its wingspan is beyond great- each wing is at least 7 feet long, making for a total of 14 feet.