The grand kraezian fleet is the pride of the kraezian navy, and one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of steam mechanics. They share the same technology that forms the war machines, there are only three, though, and require much more powerful remnants to stay afloat.

The grand kraezian fleet is made up of three airships, the biggest ever developed, and the most well armed. They are armed with massive ballistae, flame blasters, cannons, and even mortars. And its design is made up of a massive fortress like boat shaped structure boosted by a remnant powered engine. There is quarters for those being transported, troop quarters, cafeterias, engine rooms, and a bridge for the commander, as well as the deck containing the firepower.

The remnant's magic is connected to a crystal mirror in the bridge, which is where the commander is seated, he can use his own magery (the commander is of course required to be a mage or at least have a mage available.) to control the ships direction.

Each ship has a team of engineers on standby for any possible malfunction, which isnt far from uncommon on board the ships, especially with a powerful remnant trying to break free. The ships can cover about 600 miles in one day of travel, and can hold a total of 600 troops.

The three ships have names, as well.

The icaran, the Vluleran bastion, and the mythrill.