• The kingdom of Kraezia, the central land of Uqia, is in shambles after a horrific betrayal. High queen Alda Goswin was assasinated by her son, prince Alexander Goswin, a once honorable, kind son. He managed to escape capture with his own army of savage beasts, traitor knights, and three horrible monstrous generals at his side, and left the kingdom in the heat of civil war as brother turns against brother and the Yeti hordes of the north approach, looking to quell the uprising and establish rulership in Kraezia. War breaks out across the snowy,rocky mountains. Meanwhile, not far from the oceans dotting the northeast of Kraezia, there is a small town called Sunfrened, this is where many folks come hoping to find a way into the mysterious tower standing far above the turmoil...





    Race (can be a normal race, or if you wanna be a bit more creative, one of the monsters instead.):


    magic proficiencies (if any):

    faction (if not aligned, just say "personal" instead.):


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