There are a few types of undead in vlulera, they are usually holy afflitiated despite their unholy appearance, and also master a dark type of magic known as necrotic. There are currently a few specific types of undead in notation.


Once paladins who challenged Alexander, they failed and were cursed to wander the tower as spirits, they resemble knight armor being inhabited by floating shards of bone. They are excellent combatants and can even use holy steam magic.


Alexander had captured a sect of young but strong priestesses that had been already taken from an island far from Kraezia, he selfishly desired the priestesses, but each one spat in his face when he offered his hand, in anger, he had each one slain and  turned into undead handmaidens, their beauty and strength is still visible despite their deathly palor.


less an undead and more a construct, the flesh knight is a knight made out of the body parts of ill-fated warriors, they are staunch defensive foes either equipped with great swords or halberds and a shield. They are held together by steam magic, and some use it to their own advantage.


Clad in bone and shriveled up to the bone, the wendigo is a fierce sight. They are men who dared to follow the path of the beastblood covenant but died, their wills did not fall though, they are powerful foes who have rock solid skin on their forearms. Despite their lanky appearance they are slow.