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Vlulera is a small fanmade roleplay setting inspired by the Blood/Souls franchise, Warhammer, and other such excellent dark fantasy titles. Its very much a work in progress, as you'll see. But I, and many others hope to make good use of this wiki!

I wish to make this a persistent RP setting that can eventually change due to the actions of the RPer, for better... Or for worse.


Head over to the Discussions page for test roleplays. Test roleplays may, or may not be regarded as canon. They only exist to test how Discussions will work.

Vlulera- The old home of heroes...Edit

In the age long before ours... Only two elements existed.

There was flame, the aggressive, nomadic element that brings forth light, yet pain.

And there was its brother, dark, darkness remained put, always staying at the edge's of flame's eyes. It was cold, and oddly welcoming compared to its brother.

They despised each other well, being at odds... They eventually clashed with one another after being coerced by voices each heard to their own, the remnants of their battles was earth... And with earth came steam, blood, bile, magic... And life.

The resulting world was Vlulera, a vastly unexplored world of unforgiving tundras, dense jungles, untamed forests, horrific volcanoes, rolling plains, a vast ocean, and mutated wastelands full of aberrant life.

The current year is...

Map geological

A geological map of the currently explored portion of vlulera, without the region markings.

3533- Uqia, central Kraezia region...

The lone tower stands on the edge of Kraezia, looking over madness.

The kingdom of Kraezia, the central land of Uqia, is in shambles after a horrific betrayal. High queen Alda Goswin was assasinated by her son, prince Alexander Goswin, a once honorable, kind son. He managed to escape capture with his own army of savage beasts, traitor knights, and three horrible monstrous generals at his side, and left the kingdom in the heat of civil war as brother turns against brother and the Yeti hordes of the north approach, looking to quell the uprising and establish rulership in Kraezia. War breaks out across the snowy,rocky mountains.

Map political

A more political map of the land, the grey represents the territory of Kronah (yetis), the deep green represents the forests of ixtlicuintl (cassans, includes the distant cassan inhabited island of momozet), the brighter green is the portion of the forest belonging to the dryads, the light blue is the crystal magnus (crystal golems), the red is the Kraezian empire's territory, the blue is the oceans (and thus sahuagin territory), and each fissure seen is an entrance to the abyss.

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